Monday, December 24, 2012

Romans 6-8

We have a new master.

Our old self- that is, our old way of living for ourselves, is dead- just as Christ died at calvary.
- We were controlled by the sinful nature.  This old way of living and thinking sinfully produces death (7:5, 8:6).  It is hostile to God.  It does not submit to God's law, and cannot do so (7:18, 8:7).  The old way of life cannot please God (8:8).

Then, as Christ was raised from the dead, we also are raised with a newness of life.  This new life we live (by living in the way of the Spirit, being controlled by the Spirit) for God, in order that we would bear fruit to God (7:4, 6, 8:4, 9).  We have our minds set on what the Spirit desires (8:5).
- Those who belong to Christ have the Spirit of Christ who lives inside the believer (8:9, 11).
- We are free from sin and now can live as "slaves to righteousness", that is we have a new master we obey and that is God.  This leads to holiness and the result is eternal life (6:22).
- This is a gift from God by way of Christ.

We must choose to obey our new master.
- Even though we have new life, we should be careful not to obey the evil desires of sin any longer (6:12).

What about the law, then?
- We died to the law that we would no longer be slaves to the law (7:4).
- We are declared in right standing by faith in Jesus Christ and not the law, yet we still do the things God desires for us to do in the law (3:31).
- The law is not sin.  The law helps us understand what sin is (7:7).  Is a doctor bad when he diagnoses your illness?  No.  He's just pointing out your problem so you can deal with it.
- The law is powerless to set free from sin and death (8:2-3).  What the law is incapable of, however, Christ is capable.  God used him as a sin offering.


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